Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Sleep-Deprived Welcome

My name's Ghill. I play the character Ghilles, among others, on Moon Guard server. I'm a warrior and a tank, and an expert at that. I've been playing since Vanilla (Why do we call it that?) and I've raised many, many warriors since then.
As it is 2AM where I am, I may be prone to ramble as I welcome you to my new blog. I have never been a blogger, but I'm continually amazed by some of the quality material I see coming from such blogs as Jaedia's Menagerie, Cynwise's Battlefield Manual, or even Postcards from Azeroth. It all makes me hunger for some notoriety and fame of my own, and so after some deliberation, I have come to this.
You've just stepped into The Grizzlemaw Gazette. In case you don't know, Grizzlemaw is the cradle of society for all Furbolgs, located in scenic Grizzly Hills, which is, in my opinion, the most beautiful zone in the game. I chose the name because I take frequent trips to that zone just to hear and see the sights. It's sad that I do this in some video game, but believe me; if I could just live on the side of an Alpine mountain in reality, I would do so.
Here I will be discussing my thoughts on quests, zones, screenshots and sights, world events, various roleplay, developments in the current expansion, and of course the ins and outs of Warrior tanking.
Stick around.


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